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, a big thank-you to the staff, without mean, this would not have been possible, as usual. thank you very much for all you did. [applause] let me just say, we have a lot of work to do. let's make hay with the sunshine. those involved in the press conference, could you please go immediately to grand ballroom be because we are late. [laughter] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> wrapping up this session of the national governors' association from salt lake city. we just heard from washington state governor, the chair for this summer's conference. we will have more events throughout the weekend. tomorrow afternoon o'clock 30, the session on remembering 9/11, protecting borders and communities. on sunday at 1:30, the closing session. you will also be able to find all the segments on line in their entirety at -- online in their entirety at c- it >> this weekend, live from salt lake city, the nation's governors look at the net the -- lessons of 9/11, and the featured speaker talks competitivenes
. this is an old barn in baltimore, believe it or not. these are just kind of -- i love going to a big city and doing all the normal stuff and then going to the back of town. this is an old jail in philadelphia. it still looks like this. i would not have wanted to go to prison there. or the neon signs. i spent a lot of time in the back of vegas. lookout fund that this is. >> and there is an old studebaker. >> they have all of these cars, but will they be here 20 years from now? the lighthouses. we have about 900. and we can have these. lighthouses were amazingly important to america. i have to put them away. this is an old candy man, and he is still there in new orleans. >> and you try to get the stories from these people? >> they are very interested in the data base. so you have to get this as well. this is what is so fascinating. america has a million sides. >> when you are out in the country, how do you keep track of everything? >> the library of congress does not let me submit anything without the data base. now i put the number of the shots, and exactly what this was, or i record where
, and i see that you are less and less likely to be allowed by a big cover. we are building america to practice your religion, to practice your belief in laws, to accept responsibility for individually and as families and as government for your actions, and in that regard, i believe the american dream is lost. host: thanks. we're going to stop you at this time. thanks for adding your comments. on twitter, don't fall into the belief that the dream is dead. you're being manipulated for political purposes. parkville, indiana, sam is a democrat there, to talk about the american dream. good morning to you, sam. caller: hi. it from the united states of america to corporate states of america, united states of america, united corporations of america. corporations own this country. they have the republicans baltimore and paid for. they have the supreme court bought and paid for. we really have a lot of problems coming our way. thank you. host: thanks for your call. "baltimore sun" has a front-page story about immigration. opponents of tuition breaks for illegal immigrants have more signature
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)